Contemporary bricolage - The collection

A Question of Intensity

Cardboard and paper, strings, branches, stones, packing tape, bags, food, soap bubbles and even space lines are summoned by Matilde Marin in this series of photo performances . The artist’s hands, common denominator in all the images, entitle the inclusion of the objects, activating them factually and semantically. They hold them, play with them, order them, caress them, emphasizing and transforming them. It is not a concrete plastic product that comes out of them -a sculpture, an engraving, a paper construction, a book following her background– but her gestures and the expressiveness of her physical appearance create strong symbolic images that replace the artisan manufacture and support the aesthetic power of one idea. It is mostly a question of intensity. The staging remarks the relation between the being (the artist) and the doing (artistic), that still surprising in differentiation that amalgamates object and subject in the creating act.

Adriana Lauria