When I sight the blue smoke of Ithaca

Capturing the smoke is stopping the course of history: making all the bonfires one. Just as Bertolt Brecht extracted from the newspapers the maps and scenes of the theater of war during the second world conflagration, and mounted them in his Arbeitsjournal (Journal of work), or as many years before, Aby Warburg, with his Atlas Mnemosyne, invited a re -reading of European civilization from the free association of images; Matilde Marín cut-out and gathered, between 2005 and 2011, hundreds of smoke photographs that appeared in the press, with their respective captions. To read them allows us a to apprehend a global vision of our convulsive time.

The epigrams change, but the smoke remains. In this exhibition, Marín summarizes the documents compiled in a single fixed projection: a monumental column of black smoke that dominates part of the room. Its defined, and yet labile, contours condense the fears and threats of an entire century.

Adriana Almada