Artist's books - Myths of creation

Myths of creation by Matilde Marín is an edition of the Alvaro Castagnino gallery in Buenos Aires and Arte Dos Gráfico in Bogota, Colombia. With 100 copies in Arabic numerals and 25 copies in Roman numerals, the edition consists of six original prints in etching and aquatint, and five original silk screens. Both the zinc and copper plates and the silk screen matrixes were made entirely by the artist. The work also contains a metal frontispiece and a series of original vignettes. The texts were composed manually in Bodoni typography; the papers used are BFK Rives from Arjomari of France, as well as paper handmade by Fabripapel of Bogota, Colombia. The design is by Luis Angel Parra and Matilde Marín, and the English translation by Andrew Reid. The myths from different cultures were selected by the artist; the prologue is by Nelly Perazzo, member of the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes of Argentina. Alina Molinari and Álvaro Navarro oversaw a number of aspects of the project. The printing was carried out in the studios of Arte Dos Gráfico in Bogota, Colombia; it was completed on the night of September 22, 1993 under a waxing moon.

Myths of creation
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