Undetermined Landscapes

These landscapes that at the distance evoke that mark of symbolist or surrealist tradition, have been created on the basis of a superposition of photographic records made in diverse geographies. The artist does not give clues. Her journey is both visual inquiry and eventual investigation destined to involve the viewer in some way.

Hence, the rocky promontories that assume the prominence in each image, can settle in a desert land or emerge from the shifting surface of the sea. Within this framework of uncertain and similar circumstances, geometric figures such as shadows or supernatural projections, and some forms of close-up shots that become difficult to decipher clues, slide in between.

The consequence is the suspension of time in a non-recognizable space. An ideal space-landscape that will remain unchanged only in the records that the artist had or imagined. A challenge to what is yet to come? Indeterminate landscapes show the nature with scarce data of the real world, and for that reason, they do not reach to constitute in testimony of the presence of the artist, not even to question if at her return she will wait for them with the same form, as she suggests.

Ana María Battistozzi